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The Artist / Monique van Deventer

Monique with her husband, Dr Ryan Van Deventer

Not many people see and experience the destruction of wildlife and our natural environment up close.


Instead of letting these harsh realities immobilise her, Monique has been inspired to speak up by using her art to bring awareness to and advocacy for rhinos and other endangered wildlife.

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/ Where it began

My art is based on my own experiences with poached rhino in South Africa (whilst in the field with my wildlife veterinarian husband.) I create visual stories for those animals unable to speak for themselves.

These experiences have re-ignited my love of organic forms and animal vertebrae, as well as working with the organic mediums of clay and charcoal, but the most powerful motivating force has been the need to create artworks that allow me to “speak” on behalf of this beleaguered species. To tell the stories that they are unable to tell for themselves!

Having had these encounters, I have been unable to refrain from creating artworks that honour and pay homage to these animals, whose suffering does not go unnoticed by me, and whose stories I wish to share in order to create a greater awareness of their plight. I have collected and documented each actual vertebra, and then created every sculptural piece by hand. My work reflects a current
environmental crisis and touches on the larger issue of ‘destruction’.

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If these bones could talk /
Castle of Good Hope
2020 - 2022

Monique's first solo exhibition was held at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa. 

LATEST / Collections

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10% of all art purchases is donated to conservation and anti-poaching

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Buy a collection / Interior Decoration

These collections are ideal for game lodges and eco-friendly accomodation, conservationists and lovers of the natural world.


Hang these collections on your walls to show your dedication to conservation and honour rhinos and other endangered wildlife.

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